PW METKOM is a leading trading company in the field of steel pipes, pipe fittings and flanges. In our three warehouses, there is an assortment with a total weight exceeding 10,000 tons, which consists of pipes, fittings and flanges as well as fittings with diameters of 10 – 1400mm. They are available in standards such as EN, ASTM, ASME and API.

What do we specialize in?

METKOM therefore specializes in complete solutions for the construction of pipelines, gas installations, energy and other utilities. Our clients are the largest contractors in the energy, chemical, gas, as well as shipbuilding and mechanical engineering sectors.

Thanks to hard work and constant pursuit of development, the METKOM GROUP today occupies a significant position on the domestic market, consolidated by many years of experience, among suppliers for the gas, energy and fuel industries. With the main goal of full trust and satisfaction of our customers, we offer products from reputable manufacturers meeting high requirements through:

Own warehouses

Constant access to materials, a wide range of warehouses and implementation of projects “on the spot”, “just in time” deliveries.

Production and logistics

Completion of deliveries, provision of required documentation, certificates and tests.


Having own transport and a well-developed logistics network.

Metkom Group

Metkom is part of a capital group operating on the industrial and development markets.



METKOM GROUP a leading trading company specializing in complete solutions in the field of construction of pipelines, gas installations, energy and other utilities in the field of steel pipes, pipe fittings and flanges.

SW Armatura


The company SW Armatura sp. z o.o. is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of pipelines and pipeline elements, in the diameter range from DN15 to DN600, made of carbon, high-alloy and stainless steel.

GTM Process Valves


GTM Process Valves Sp. z o. o. is a company specializing in the sale of industrial fittings. We focus on a wide range of products, individual and competent technical advice, and high quality of products and services.

Company history

The founder of the company in 2005 is its current owner, Tomasz Król. Initially, our company based in Rybnik employed 4 people. Thanks to the successes achieved and commitment to the implementation of the set goals, in 2009 the company moved from rented premises to its newly established headquarters in Żory, where, apart from an increased staff of up to 30 people, more and more warehouse resources remained at the disposal of customers.

Modern space

In 2012, we commissioned a modern office building with warehouse and production facilities with a storage area of 2,800 pallet spaces and production facilities. After five years, in autumn 2017, we started using the second office, warehouse and production complex.

Currently, we work for our clients on 1200m2 of office space, 5000m2 of warehouses and 2000m2 of direct production halls. Our company employs almost 100 people. We have our own means of transport – trucks and vans, with which we can deliver the goods quickly and reliably. We have 5 overhead cranes with a total lifting capacity of 24,000 kg and a 24-ton mobile crane at our disposal.

Always at your disposal

The plans for 2023 include the commissioning of another hall with an area of 1500m2, serving as a service center for the sale of steel pipes.

It is with great pleasure that we remain at your disposal.